inhabited by sound
BoÎte noire
Martin Messier

With BOÎTE NOIRE (Black box), Martin Messier puts a beam of light, projected into a large transparent prism, into sounds and movements. Trying to define the edges of this elusive element, he materializes the extension of its shapes and decomposes its frequencies. In a dark room, the spectator sees and ears the development of the white specter: its contradictions and distensions, its curves and lines, its appearances and disappearances. It is as if the box, filled with ghostly signals, was containing pieces of past events and with his installation, Messier invites the public to put history back together.

Martin Messier : Artistic Director, Concept, Music
Étienne Després : Visual
Technical Directors : Maxime Bouchard, Frédérique Folly, Thomas Payette
Electronics : Nathanaël Lécaudé
Photo credit : Martin Messier
Production : 14 lieux
Support: Conseil des arts du Canada

La chasse galerie, Marc Langlois