inhabited by sound
Martin Messier

Martin Messier's Projectors is a surgical work of art in which he orchestrates the engineering, manipulation and distortion of 8mm projectors under the lights of a digital projector. Through a tight stage lighting and the resynthesis of the 8mm projectors’ quasi-mythical roar, the machines come alive outside of the projection room and turn into bizarre and explosive noise mechanisms. All at once offbeat, unfamiliar and marvelously incongruous, this performance leads the public to a timeless universe, somewhere between dialogue, confrontation and technological contrast. Here, the projectors do not project: Everything but discrete, they take action and become the performance itself – loud and luminous.

Martin Messier : Artistic Directors, Performance, Video, Light, Music
Technical Directors : Maxime Bouchard
electronics : Jean-FranÇois Piché, Maxime Bouchard
Technical Design: Thomas Payette
Photo credit : Maxime Bouchard
Production : 14 lieux

La chasse galerie, Marc Langlois

Aknowledgements: Perte de signal
Thanks to the Canada Council for the Art for their support